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case study #1

Today’s tech buyers are more connected and savvy than ever. Moreover, especially in today’s enterprise  that needs your service may not be the ultimate purchaser. With hundreds of connection points how do today’s top marketers reach the optimal audience?


We tackled this exact problem for the marketing team at a major virtualization firm while leading account strategies at an international tech publisher.  The client came to us to help them drive direct attention and engagement from the technical buying audience.


They could see a little action from the publisher’s defined audience, but between internal sourcing resource constrictions, a fragmented MarTech stack, and channel focused sales structure made it nearly impossible to prove ROAS on any given action to  global leadership.

We tackled the problem head on, extending budget by focusing on re-purposing existing creatives and content; ensuring brand continuity, with a few tweaks to make the community inside the publisher’s walled garden feel heard and understood . We were able to give their content exposure in four separate countries.


In addition by instituting and analyzing digital tracking pre and post campaign, the client had an easy and compelling narrative to share with their leadership and deeper vision into the customer journey within their own website. These data insights assisted the client internally, removing Sales & Marketing friction and blockers due to siloed data and murky intent signals

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